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Voice of Knowledge: A Practical Guide to Inner Peace: A Toltec Wisdom Book by Miguel Ruiz, Janet Mills (With)

Acknowledgments ix The Toltec xi 1 Adam and Eve: The story from a different point of view 1 2 A Visit with Grandfather: A simple truth is discovered 15 3 The Lie of Our Imperfection: Childhood memories are recalled 29 4 A Night in the Desert: An encounter with the infinite 45 5 The Storyteller: Exploring the characters in the story 57 6 Inner Peace: Taming the voice with two rules 79 7 Emotions Are Real: The voice of knowledge is not real 103 8 Common Sense and Blind Faith: Recovering our faith and free will 119 9 Transforming the Storyteller: The Four Agreements as favorite tools 143 10 Writing Our Story with Love: Life as an ongoing romance 165 11 Opening Our Spiritual Eyes: A reality of love all around us 189 12 The Tree of Life: The story comes full circle 209 Prayers 229 About the Authors 232

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