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The Referral of a Lifetime: The Networking System that Produces Bottom-Line Results . . . Every Day! by Tim Templeton, Ken Blanchard (Foreword by), Lynda Rutledge Stephenson (With)

Tim Templeton lives in San Diego. Lynda Rutledge Stephenson is a freelance journalist who has contributed to the "Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun-Times, Houston Post, Women's World" magazine, and "Midwest Living." She is also a professional writer who has collaborated on more than 14 books, including "Give Us A Child" and "StarLIFE," A native Texan, Lynda lives with her husband in San Diego. Ken Blanchard is the Chief Spiritual Officer of the Ken Blanchard Companies. He is the coauthor of "The One Minute Manager", "Raving Fans" and many other international bestsellers. His books have combined sales of more than eighteen million copies in more than twenty-seven languages.

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