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Lists for Life: The Essential Guide to Getting Organized and Tackling Tough To-Dos by Rory Tahari

Rory Tahari is the vice chairman and creative director of Elie Tahari. Since joining the company in 1998, she has elevated the label from one of the fashion industry's most enduring brands to one of its most successful. Creatively, she oversees advertising, marketing, and public relations on a global level. Prior to joining Elie Tahari, Rory had a career in television production and earned her B.A. in Journalism at Boston University. This is her first book. The essential guide to getting organized, Lists for Life features countless easy, manageable checklists for busy individuals trying to cope with never-ending to-do lists. Lists for Life The Essential Truth to Getting Organized and Tackling Tricky To-Dos Rory Tahari COVER NOT FINAL 26

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